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Professional Commercial Window Cleaning Services on the Big Island of Hawaii

Commercial Window Cleaning

Every commercial property is unique and Kohala Coast Window Cleaning is well equipped to provide ideal solutions to the unique challenges each job brings. The various commercial properties we service in the Kohala and Kailua-Kona areas include the following.

Office Buildings

Every building is different. After a job site analysis, we will design a plan and maintenance schedule that will provide a clean facade with the least disruption. We can identify the cause for difficult glass stains and both restore and protect the glass surface. The recommended cleaning frequency for properties in the Kohala Coast area is typically semi-annual. A written schedule of maintenance will be designed for your commercial property.

Schools & Educational Institutions

We provide service to both public schools and private educational institutions from North Kohala to Kailua-Kona. Clean glass contributes to happier students, teachers, and professors.

Healthcare facilities

Hospitals, medical clinics and long term care facilities from North Kohala to Kailua-Kona benefit from clean windows. The overall health of the building will benefit from a schedule of maintenance that includes clean glass.

Retail stores

People are drawn to store displays with clean glass. A store front with dirty glass turns customers away. Give your retail store front the very best initial impression with a custom weekly, biweekly or monthly schedule of commercial window cleaning. We provide clients from North Kohala to Kailua-Kona with regular commercial window cleaning.


These establishments are affected by grease, oil, and moisture. A regular schedule of commercial window cleaning will provide your food establishment with great visual appeal by keeping it looking clean and healthy.

Hiring a professional company to clean the windows on your commercial property guarantees you quality work, lasting results, and takes the responsibility off of you as a business owner or manager. Cleaning windows is a potentially dangerous job, particularly when working at heights. Our professional window cleaning service for the Kohala and Kailua-Kona areas has the equipment, experience, and trained professionals to get the job done right.

The team at Kohala Coast Window Cleaning has years of experience providing the highest quality service, professionalism, and results. We pride ourselves on the individual care and attention we have given to each and every one of our clients. Your commercial property is an investment, so invest in its care and maintenance with Kohala Coast Window Cleaning.

Commercial Window Cleaning Methods We Use:

The best thing about Kohala Coast Window Cleaning is being able to provide customers with the highest level of satisfaction. That is why we use various customized techniques to clean windows in the safest and most efficient way while at the same time providing top quality results. For example our methods include:

The Hand Clean Method

Kohala Coast Window Cleaning always uses high-quality commercial detergent to keep the cleaning process hygiene and environment-friendly.

Rubbing & scrubbing stage:

Water with a small amount of window cleaning soap is applied to the glass. We then scrub the glass removing the dirt along with any stains or grease marks. Then comes the removal of the water using a professional squeegee and top quality squeegee rubber.

Final detail stage:

We clean the edges and corners with micro fibers and surgical towels. The final product is a perfectly clean window. At Kohala Coast Window Cleaning, we never compromise on quality.

Pure Water Water-fed Pole Method​

This method utilizes a four-stage water purification system which creates ultra-pure water. The water is delivered to the glass surface by a very low-pressure mini hose which runs inside a specialized carbon fiber pole. After scrubbing the glass surface with a custom made brush the glass surface is rinsed with the ultra-pure mineral-free water. Both the glass and the frames can be cleaned using this method. The results are amazing. This method is both safer and greener, using no chemicals and requiring no ladders or man lifts.

Hard Water Stain Removal

Removing Hard Water Stains from North Kohala to Kailua-Kona. Hawaii is known for having hard water that can leave your windows stained and spotted. If this is the case with your windows, we would love to help. We do a free test to see if your windows are treatable. Let us help you to see clear again! Removing Water Spots requires more than common or traditional cleaning methods, especially when the problem has been compounded by long durations of time. Troublesome window locations are those close to sprinklers or prone to excessive misting shortly followed by a quick drying sun. It takes qualified personnel using the most effective equipment, techniques, and cleaners to get results. Here at Kohala Window Cleaning we will not only remove hard water mineral deposits and get your windows clear again, but we will also seal your windows so you don't have problems in the future. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

Post Construction Window Cleaning

New Construction and Home Remodel Window Cleaning from the Kohala Coast to Kailua-Kona. Kohala Window Cleaning also specializes in post construction window cleaning for residential, commercial and industrial buildings on the Big Island of Hawaii. We handle all types of post construction cleans from a basic remodel to office complexes and apartments to large scale developments with many homes.

Paint, stickers, glue, stucco, silicon, masonry, and dirt are just some of the things that you find covering the windows, frames and tracks of a recently completed construction project. All of that stuff must be carefully removed to prevent the windows from becoming scratched or etched and the frames from becoming marred or bleached. Contact us today for post construction window cleaning.

* All new construction jobs must sign waiver. Click here to download waiver form.

Affordable Rates

We are competitively priced and always strive to give our customers the best price we can. We never sacrifice quality and if you are not completely happy with the work we will return and complete the job to your satisfaction.